Kylie Jenner Is Just Like Kim Kardashian, But Her Pay Isn't

Here's the least surprising news you'll hear all week: the Kardashians are really effing rich.

Reality stars that make money are without a question the most frustrating subset of celebrities out there.

They are literally paid to live their lives as normal as possible with the added annoyance of a camera crew following them around anytime they go to Walgreens or get the mail.


While I thoroughly enjoy the Kardashians, I know a lot of people out there aren't the biggest fans of their family. It doesn't mean you aren't watching their shows and buying their products. It just means that you hate yourself for feeding into their massive bank accounts.

According to a new list by Forbes, the Kardashians aren't just the highest paid people in reality TV, they're on a whole, other stratosphere when it comes to wealth accumulation.

Here is how the family breaks down in their annual incomes.

Kim: $51 million


Around 40 percent of her profits ($20 million) came from her app alone.

Kylie: $18 Million


Soooo, I guess Kylie Jenner's lip kit sales are going OK.

Kendall: $17 Million


This one is the second most surprising number on the list. Where does this money come from?

Kylie's income should be significantly higher than Kendall's. Kendall is somehow bringing in the bucks and I WANT TO KNOW HER SECRETS!

Like, I know she has that Estee Lauder deal, but jeeeeez.

Khloé: $15 Million


Not too shabby, Khloé! That book must be doing OK, and that profit margin is only going up with her denim line recently hitting stores and new show coming out soon.

Kris: $11.5 Million


Y'all KNOW the momager is taking a cut of everyone's money.

Kourtney: $10 million


This one baffles me. Kourtney does NOTHING, which is fine by the way. She has three kids. Let her be. And she still makes $10 million a year.


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