Kylie Jenner Says Her 'Boob Implants' Are Actually Just A Lot Of Tape (Video)


Is Kylie Jenner on her way to becoming the Human Barbie 2.0?

Nope: She says it's all natural (besides those fake lips).

After the teen made an appearance at a Miami nightclub over the weekend, rumors started swirling about how she got breast implants.

Twitter users had no problem calling the reality star out on it, either.

When Kylie got wind of the gossip, however, she took to Snapchat to set the record straight, insisting her cleavage is simply the product of “a whole lot of tape.”

This, of course, comes from the teen who only copped to her lip injections after thousands of teens f*cked up their faces trying to get their lips to look like her (unnatural) ones, so….

I'd take her “explanation” with a grain of salt.

Personally, I'm not buying it. But, you can check out Jenner's defense for yourself below.

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