Kim K Might Have Swagger Jacked Her Look From This Serbian Pop Star (Photos)

Kim Kardashian is a pretty big deal in the United States, so naturally, she is going to inspire a bevy of copycats when it comes to the way she looks and dresses.

But one Serbian pop singer is claiming that Kardashian copied her style and not the other way around.

Jelena Karleusa has been called the "Gaga of Serbia" but ever since Kim dyed her hair blonde, she seems to look a lot more like Mrs. Kardashian West.  Karleusa has bleached-blonde hair, pouty lips and a similar facial structure to Kim.

But Karleusa seems to have originated the look.

The singer went so far as to tell US Weekly that the two look alike because "[Kim's] stylists are inspired by my Instagram page."

Here are some photos of the bizarro Kardashian from her Instagram:

Karleusa posted a collage of photos of both her and Kim to show their similarities.

I wouldn't be surprised if Kim wore this outfit.

Will the real Kim K please stand up?

The resemblance is uncanny (and sexy).

Karleusa was rocking this look way before Kim.

They both appreciate a good selfie.

Even their butts have similarities.

This is too weird.

They both enjoy sunglasses and high fashion.

Both Kim and Karelusa aren't afraid to show a little skin.

And they both have big personalities.

Even drawings of Karleusa look just like Kim.

They both care deeply about their families

Kim and Jelena both travel in style.

You be the judge. Mere coincidence or purposeful swag jacking?

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