Kim Kardashian DGAF What You Think About Her See-Through Outfits

Kim Kardashian doesn't give two Christmas morning deuces about what you think of her see-through tops.

The summer of 2016 will always be remembered as the summer Kim Kardashian unapologetically decided to let the world see her nipples through a breathtaking array of sheer tops.

It's been a good couple of months.

As awesome as this has all been for most of us, it's given way to an intense amount of criticism from people who don't like seeing Kim Kardashian airing out "the boys" in public.

I know. The fact those kinds of people exist in the world is absolutely insane, but hey, life is weird. Trump is almost president.

Kim doesn't really care, though, and she shared her opinion about all those nipple h8ers out there on her website today, saying,

I have always loved sheer — I just don't GAF, LOL

She then shared a bunch of links to different sheer tops she likes to wear so that more women can get into the sheer movement like she is.

Everyone take a moment to thank whatever personal higher power you pray to for this miracle.

Kim Kardashian, you a bro.

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