Kim K And Kanye Hooked Rob Kardashian Up With Adorable Pablo Swag For His Baby


It's clear Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna's baby girl is going to have a super swag wardrobe.

She's part of the Kardashian family, so I wouldn't expect anything less than chic and totally fly.

This baby's already completely hooked UP with her very first onesies, courtesy of Aunty Kim Kardashian and Uncle Kanye West.

Rob Kardashian went on Snapchat to thank Kimye for the Pablo merch they gave his baby girl.

Aren't Kim and Kanye the coolest aunt and uncle ever?! These “Chicago,” “Los Angeles,” “New York” and “I feel like Pablo” onesies are so dang adorable, I really can't handle it.

Kim and Kanye aren't the only ones who are showering this baby with gifts.

Rob also posted a snap of the onesies next to a cute crew of Hello Kitty stuffed animals. #SquadGoals met right here.

And my personal favorite presents are these lavish Giuseppe sneakers. Seriously hardcore stylin'.

This baby girl's going to be rocking these rad “Italian luxury” shoes like a fashionista boss, and it seems like Rob is a super stoked dad-to-be.

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