74-Year-Old Man Arrested For Destroying Kim Kardashian Books Inside Bookstore

by Hope Schreiber
REX/Shutterstock/CT Center for Digital Investigations

A 74-year-old man by the name of Carl Puia apparently hates Kim Kardashian more than your boyfriend who acts miserable while "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," but still watches every episode with you...

Puia turned himself into police four months after his crime.

Did the guilt eat him up for this long? Did he fear the police were closing in on him? Was he thinking about skipping town?

In October, the reality TV star enraged Puia to a point where he walked into a Barnes & Noble and ruined six of Kim's book, "Selfish," by pouring red dyed liquid on them.

He also wrote a typewritten note calling out the Glastonbury, Connecticut bookstore for selling any Kardashian material. He allegedly hates Kim and anyone like her.

Because apparently, if this old white dude doesn't enjoy something, THEN NOBODY WILL BE ALLOWED TO ENJOY IT.

Seriously, Puia. Chill.

If millennials destroyed the things you loved, then you wouldn't have "NCIS" reruns or "Matlock." Is that a game you want to play, bud?

We should just live in a world where we silently judge each other's interests!

Police were unaware Puia was their suspect, and they were not searching for him. He was released without posting bail, and he was charged with third-degree criminal mischief.

I wonder what Kim Kardashian would have to say to Puia if she ever met him?

Or, perhaps... Puia has good reason for hating Kardashian so much? Perhaps Kim K. knows exactly what she did.

I'm no gumshoe, but my detective instincts tell me Puia may be jealous. He probably wanted to release 400 intimate images of himself, but Kim got to it first.

Puia will appear in court on March 22.

The vandal will likely not face jail time, unless his jury of peers are fans of the Kardashians.