Kim K Freaks Out Over Kendall Jenner's Health Issues

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Dear Kendall Jenner,

One time, I experienced sleep paralysis that was so bad I thought a ghost was sitting on my chest. Anyway, we should hang sometime. Swap sleep paral stories. Gab about our nocturnal muscle spasms.



Oh, hey guys. Sorry! I left my letter to Kenny just lying around. So embarrassing.

Anyway, yeah. Kendall Jenner is basically the queen of sleep paralysis now, but if you're trying to connect with her on that level, please back off. I was here first.

In a promo clip from Sunday's episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” the model tells sister Kim Kardashian West alllllllll about the buried alive sensation of SP.

She says,

Kendall, who celebrated her 21st birthday on Wednesday, called the phenomenon “the scariest thing in the world” while Kim sat there processing the info with more shock on her face than the time she visited Austria and discovered racism is alive and well.

KenKen explained,

Kim admitted Kendall's condition sounded “like, so much scarier” than the anxiety she'd experienced in the past, adding,

In their 2011 paper titled "Lifetime Prevalence Rates of Sleep Paralysis: A Systematic Review," authors Brian Sharpless and Jacques Barber combined more than 30 studies on the disorder and found roughly eight percent of the total population suffers from it.

The percentage rises to about 28 percent in students and 34 percent in subjects with an existing psychiatric panic disorder, like anxiety or depression.

Jussayin. You're in good company, Ken.

Text me.

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