Kid Realizes He Could Pass As Prince George And Has The Best Reaction (Photo)

Baby doppelgängers are totally a thing.

The picture of a child who bears a freaky resemblance to the future King of England is sending Twitter into a royal laughing fit this morning.

"My godson thinks he's the royal prince..." — Jenna Marbles (@funnyjoke) June 14, 2015

The photo of 1-year-old Noah Jack Lockett was taken by his God... something (either mother or father), and we can all pretty much agree that his likeness to Prince George on the cover of Hello! is hilarious and perfect.

The story is the perfect mix of something cute and something royal, AKA: It's the Web version of lighting a clickbait candle next to a #propanefactory.

So, not that it’s any surprise, the Internet is enamored of this baby.

Oh gosh this is too much RT @MikeDarnay: from reddit: "my godson thinks he is Prince George" — ღ Breezus (@ForcingTheIssue) June 15, 2015
"My godson thinks he's a Royal Prince" Thank you for that start to this Monday @arbitist — Srividya K (@srvdyak) June 15, 2015

Everyone seems to be in love with this child's resemblance to Prince George... except for this guy. This guy hates it.

No he bloody isn't. — barney farmer (@barneyfarmer) June 11, 2015

Hey, Hollywood! If you wanted to get a super adorable baby version of "The Prince And The Pauper" into production, now is your chance.