Khloé Kardashian Wants You To Know The Dog Snapchat Filter Is ‘The Ho Filter'


You know when you're totally feeling yourself, thinkin' you look hot AF on Snapchat, but then you accidentally click out of the filter setting and realize you're actually ugly?

No? Just me? OK.

Khloé Kardashian, who has always been my favorite Kardashian, was once the forgotten sister who was living in her older sisters' shadows.

But after working hard AF on her body, she's not just the "funny sister" anymore.



I'm literally drooling over those curves. BRB, buying that tea so I can look good.

Actually, it turns out you don't even have to buy that sponsored tea to look as good as Khloé. You just have to use her favorite Snapchat filters!

She wrote all about the filter she loves -- and doesn't love so much -- on her blog.

So take Khlo's advice, get your duck face on and pose your little heart out!

"The deer filter is my fave right now! It's super cute and I like that it changes your voice. This one is so fun to do with the kids."

I want Khloé to adopt me, TBH.

"The frown filter always makes me laugh! I don't care that it may not be the most flattering filter, I love it!"

If I'm being completely honest, Khloé in an unflattering filter looks better than I do in the most flattering filter.


"I love the gold butterflies filter! I'm not that into the frosted lips but other than that I think it's so pretty."

I don't know why everyone loves this filter so much... YA LIPS LOOK ASHY.

Khloe, you can rock it, though.

"The puppy dog is the ho filter for sure. Whenever I see someone use it I'm like 'ho alert!' because she wants her tongue out, LOL. When I do it I feel like such a little Snapchat ho but that doesn't mean I never use it."


BOOM. Shots fired.

"The flower crown filter used to be my fave but I'm over it! I still think it's pretty but I'm just SO over this one now."

Moral of the story: Today I learned Khloé and I do not have the same taste in Snapchat filters, and that's why I'll never be a Kardashian.