Kesha Got A Tattoo Of Her Narwhal Halloween Costume

You know what the worst part about Halloween is (besides the epic hangover)? For me, it's the fact you only get to wear your costume for one night.

You spend weeks agonizing over what you're going to be on October 31, and then it's over in what feels like an instant.

Well, pop star Kesha is no mere mortal.

For Halloween this year, Kesha dressed up as a sexy narwhal of sorts, and she absolutely nailed the mythical animal look.

I was a NARWHAL for Halloween which was a present from one of my darling animals on tour *FUN FACT* — kesha (@KeshaRose) November 1, 2016

The singer, songwriter and rapper captioned the photo of herself as a narwhal by writing,

I was a NARWHAL for Halloween which was a present from one of my darling animals on tour *FUN FACT*

Fun, indeed.

However, Kesha wasn't content with being a narwhal for just one night, so the 29-year-old went ahead and got a narwhal tattoo to immortalize her epic Halloween costume.


In the above tweet, she wrote,

haaaaaaaaaaaay. had to immortalize Halloween night.

I mean, when you have to, you have to, right?

Just before she got her narwhal Halloween costume tattooed on her body, Kesha went ahead and got a smiley face tat on her middle finger, which she revealed to her followers in a very Kesha-esque Instagram post.


This is a little NSFW, but the pop star captioned the above photo by writing,

MOTHERFUCKERS CANT TOUCH MY HAPPINESSSSSS. BOOM. @oblivioussurroundings thanks buddy for the happy little finger tattoo! and the happy day! ur the best.

Here's another shot of Kesha in her narwhal costume, appearing to get real close and personal with a few of her friends on Halloween.


It looks like Kesha had a better Halloween than most did this year, so I can only imagine how she's going to one-up herself next October.

Do you, Kesha.

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