Kendall Jenner Revealed Which Disney Princesses Each Of Her Sisters Would Be

by Eitan Levine

Kendall Jenner is such a Princess.

The Internet community as a whole is a massive sucker for online personality quizzes.

If you doubt this statement, just remember what happened when Pottermore fixed their algorithm and reshuffled people into new houses.

Yeah, we all think we're real tough and that we'll never put any emotional weight behind internet gimmicks like which "Harry Potter" house we would be sorted into.

Then you go from being proud member of Ravenclaw to a dumb Hufflepuffer, and it ruins your entire labor day weekend to the point your one friend Allen tells your other friend Julia, "Yo, Eitan needs to go on Prozac," and you overhear Allen say this, and now you REFUSE to talk to him because he doesn't understand because he's in Slytherin because OF COURSE EFFING ALLEN WOULD BE IN SLYTHERIN.

It was a long Labor Day weekend.

The Kardashian-Jenners are just as susceptible to these online quizzes as we all are. So Kendall decided to make her own "What Disney Princess Are You?" quiz for her family and the the results are... kind of expected to be honest. No big shockers here.

She wrote in her post,

My sisters and I love Disney movies. We used to watch them all the time when Kylie and I were little. I never really thought about which princess I'm most like, until a friend recently me that she's SUCH a Mulan, lol.

Kim got Ariel.

The reason behind this was that both Kim and Ariel are “headstrong, romantic, and smart.”

Kylie got Rapunzel.

Kendall thinks Kylie is “feisty, energetic, and defiant” AKA v. Rapunzel.

Kourtney got Jasmine.

Kendall gave Kourtney Jasmine because the duo are both “adventurous, intuitive, and stubborn.”

Also, both of their beaus had terrible reputations, but are in the middle of rehabbing their brand.

Khloé got Belle.

They both only date massive beasts.

I'm sure she has other reasons for the comparison, but I refuse to look past this first comparison I made.

Kendall gave herself Tiana.

I don't think you can really give yourself a Disney princess as it needs to be chosen for you by a complex algorithm, the same algorithm I assume she put her other sisters through, but we'll let Kendall have this one. She worked hard.

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