Kendall Jenner's Neighbors Really Did Not Want Her Moving In

by Eitan Levine

“WELL! THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD!” -- Everyone in Kendall Jenner's town when she moved in.

Last night, the elder-Jenner stopped by "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" for a quick gab-sesh with her neighbor, and we learned a few interesting facts about Kendall's real estate situation in LA.

For starters, she lives across the street from Jimmy, and he “pity” invited her over for some food if she ever wanted.

So if you're wondering if Hollywood is just a series of houses with uber-famous celebs living in close quarters to each other, doing things like street bake sales and borrowing cups of flour, you're 100 percent right.

We also learned when Kenny moved in, her neighbors were pretty pissed off she was settling down on their block.

I don't understand who wouldn't want THIS hanging around their house...

Kimmel took her appearance on the show as a chance to let her know about her neighborhood, saying,

Our neighbors were up in arms when you moved onto the block. There was a whole thing with emails that went on.

Later, he joked,

The neighbors all seem to be blaming me for this development… I'm the captain of the neighborhood watch.

So there you have it. Kendall Jenner's neighbors could not be less interested in keeping up with this one specific Kardashian.

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