Kendall Jenner Got Called Out On Instagram For Not Tipping And People Are So Divided

by Lilli Petersen
Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Going out to eat, is, in a lot of ways, like snacks in grade school. If you don't have enough to share/tip, you shouldn't be eating. Apparently, that's a lesson Kendall Jenner missed. The model and Kardashian half-sister got called out on Instagram on Friday for seemingly leaving a big ol' nothing on the tip line of her check at New York City bar Baby's All Right.

The bar's Instagram account posted a shot of the receipt on Friday, with Jenner's name (including middle initial) clearly printed along the bottom. Both tip and total lines are clearly empty. The caption on the IG reads, “Don't forget to tip your bartender. :)”

Seriously. That bill was $24. A tip for that is less than $5. Kendall Jenner had a reported income of $17 million in 2016, per Forbes. Could she not be bothered to drop the five bucks to tip the person slinging drinks?

The post's social media comments, predictably, blew up.

Plenty of people were really pissed that Jenner, who is unequivocally a Rich Person, seemingly didn't tip. “you know what is -actually- 'b*tchy, rude, and uncool?' not tipping your f*cking servers, you subhuman garbage monsters,” wrote one person.

“IDC I always tip ur an a*shole if u don't tip,” wrote another.

Some people pointed out that if the people who don't have a lot of money know it's unacceptable not to tip, than the wealthy really have no excuse. “I'm so broke right now that I won't be able to do any back to school shopping but I still make an effort to tip workers. It's crazy that some rich people with more than enough money don't have the courtesy to tip the people who serve them,” one commenter said. 

A representative for Jenner did not immediately return Elite Daily's request for comment.

Some people jumped in to defend Jenner.

Some suggested that she might have left cash rather than tipping on her card. (Which is possible, but bartenders often remember when someone, particularly a celebrity, leaves them cash.) Some people said that it was the bar that was in the wrong for shaming her by making her receipt public. And some, egregiously, argued that tipping is “optional” (LOL no it's not).

At least one person avoided the tipping debate entirely.


Ooh, burn.

To be clear: it is Not OK to not tip.

People who work for tips are often legally allowed to be paid below the minimum wage, and rely on those tips for the lion's share of their income. If customers don't tip, the bartender or server has effectively served them for free (and might even have paid for the pleasure, depending on tax rates or tip-out arrangements). Basically: willfully not tipping is a jerk move.

Of course, we don't know for sure that Jenner left the tip line empty on purpose. If it was just an accident (mistakes happen to us all), let me help you out, Kendall. The proper course of action when you realize you forgot to tip is to go back, politely apologize for the mistake, and drop a couple of bills.

You can afford it, after all.