4 Times Katherine Langford From '13 Reasons Why' Was The Most Beautiful Human Alive

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Katherine Langford took the world by storm with her debut performance as Hannah Baker in 13 Reasons Why. Despite the controversy surrounding the show, no one can argue that Langford's portrayal of Hannah was powerful. Langford will be attending the Teen Choice Awards this Sunday, August 13, airing at 8 p.m. on FOX, so let's break down everything we know about Katherine LangfordLots of fans want to know: Who is Katherine Langford dating?

Is it her 13 Reasons Why co-star Dylan Minnette (aka Clay Jensen)? While that's the question most people are asking given their insane chemistry on the show (at least some of that has to be real, right?!), it doesn't seem like they're dating in real life. But hey, you never know what could happen. I'm sure 13 Reasons Why fans will be shipping them hard in the meantime.

On the show, Clay's relationship with Hannah gives us the much needed break we need from the bullying Hannah faces. Clay gives Hannah's feelings a break from the hardship, and according to Langford, Minnette basically did the same thing for her while filming. In an interview with Seventeen, Langford said Dylan was basically her Clay IRL. She said,

He's fantastic. Dylan Minnette is so generous and kind and courteous and he's pretty much Clay. Clay is sweet and lovely and just ever-giving to Hannah. Every time I got on set — playing Hannah Baker — it's kind of like going through six months of bullying. But every single scene I had with Dylan, it would put a smile on my face. He would always be there to kind of lighten the day.

So yeah, it sounds like Katherine Langford and Dylan Minnette can't say enough nice things about each other. Only time will tell if this turns into ~something more~. But for now, let's just talk about all the times Katherine Langford was an all around great human, shall we?

1. When she played Hannah Baker, obviously.


The controversy surrounding 13 Reasons Why is fair, in my opinion. For me, the show doesn't do enough to supplement the dark moments with light moments that would give viewers hope that the dire circumstances of the show could and would get better. That affects the mental health conversation, as it plays into the fear some suicidal people have that their struggles will never find a solution.

After the show received backlash, Netflix responded to the controversy in a statement, saying,

While many of our members find the show to be a valuable driver for starting important conversation with their families, we have also heard concern from those who feel the series should carry additional advisories. Currently the episodes that carry graphic content are identified as such and the series overall carries a TV-MA rating. Moving forward, we will add an additional viewer warning card before the episode as an extra precaution for those about to start the series.

Regardless, Langford's performance as Hannah Baker stands out as a powerful performance on the show. She basically was Hannah Baker, which made you believe the reality the show was trying to create, and that's a sign of a job well done when it comes to acting.

2. Any time she speaks out in support of those struggling with their mental health.

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Langford is well aware of the controversy surrounding the show. Despite its criticism, she says she's proud to have been part of the show and how they conveyed Hannah's story. She understands, however, that 13 Reasons Why is very triggering for many viewers, so she added 13reasonswhy.info to her Instagram bio — a crisis information website created by the 13 Reasons Why team that helps users find help when they or someone they know might be suicidal.

Now, adding a link to an Instagram bio of course is not going to solve any mental health crisis. What's good about her doing this, however, is that she's using her platform to help people who may be triggered by the show. The link in her bio may very well help someone in need, so it's good that she's taken it upon herself to supplement some light with the dark of the series. Langford has also spoken openly about mental health on Instagram and in interviews. She told Teen Vogue,

I think one of the best things that the show has done, from what I've heard and what I've seen, is it's started a discussion in a really big way. I think it's that discussion where I feel like the impact or the change can be made. The show may not necessarily be the change, but if it can be the instigator for that kind of discussion, then that's where I find that it's helpful.

3. When she fangirled over Lady Gaga knowing who she was.

Langford had a hardcore fangirl moment when Lady Gaga responded to a tweet saying Langford was a huge fan. It was a simple "Katherine" with a heart emoji, but it was enough to leave Langford "shooketh" that one of her idols knew who she was and had apparently seen her work. Langford responded to the unreal moment on her Snapchat story saying, "She knows who I am. I am shooketh as f*ck," and "Still shaking." Same, girl. Same.

I'm just saying, Langford's reaction to her icon knowing who she is was a lot more chill than I would be if Beyoncé ever acknowledged my existence (and also Lady Gaga, honestly). So props to Langford for keeping her cool in a situation where keeping your cool is impossible!!!

She also saw Lady Gaga in concert on Wednesday, August 9, in L.A., and of course, she fangirled after the show on Instagram.

4. Every time she stepped foot on a red carpet.