Kate Upton Rants After Justin Verlander Loses Cy Young

Guess who's not happy? Kate Upton, that's who.

The 24-year-old model had a few things to get off her chest (hehe) after pro baseball player Justin Verlander was snubbed for the Cy Young Award.

Kate Upton came to the defense of her fiancé by taking to Twitter and calling out the MLB in a lengthy rant. This particular rant is equivalent to the car crash you just can't help but stare at.

I mean, DAMN. Kate was not playing any games.

Instead of Detroit Tigers' Justin Verlander snagging the 2016 American League Cy Young Award, Red Sox pitcher Rick Porcello was chosen for the award by the Baseball Writers Association of America.

Despite 33-year-old Verlander finishing the baseball season with impressive stats, including finishing 16-9 with a 3.04 ERA and 254 strikeouts under his belt, Porcello came out on top, according to BroBible.

Porcello leads the league with 22 wins and a 3.15 ERA of his own. In other words, he deserves to win.

Even though Justin Verlander had received one more first-place vote than Porcello did, he still wasn't able to win the prestigious Cy Young Award.

As a result, Verlander's fiancée Kate Upton completely LOST her shit on Twitter.

After basically cursing out the MLB, she didn't stop there...

...Or there!

Kate Upton finally ended her heated rant by confronting random Twitter users (because that's not a massive waste of time).


As if her overwhelming presence on Twitter wasn't enough, she took to Instagram in case the MLB hadn't seen her confrontational tweets.

I think the valuable lesson we all learned here is that if you want to take a loss like a champ and a true sportsman, don't be engaged to Kate Upton.

Kate Upton is basically the mom that marches into your gym class and tries to confront the kid that fouled you a little too hard during a freestyle pickup game.


All this will lead to is more stress on top of a loss for poor Justin. Do you know how annoying it's going to be walking into that locker room after Upton basically told the league to go fuck itself?!

Better luck next time.

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