Jimmy Kimmel Trolled Kanye Fans With Fake Yeezy Boosts

Kanye West fans are the latest victims of Jimmy Kimmel's troll machine.

There is no bigger shit-starter in late night than Jimmy Kimmel.

It's as if his main goal since day one of the show has been to slowly rip this country apart, bit by bit, "social media experiment" by "social media experiment."

It started with a war on children.

Then it turned into an assault on holidays.

Then it evolved into a jihad on dads.

Then it somehow turned into a bloodbath of an attack on people who enjoy coffee.

Jimmy's latest victims are fans of high fashion and Yeezus.

I'm about as big of a Kanye fan as anybody else out there, yet even I'll admit we're arguably one of the easiest groups to pick on.

We're all blindly following one of the weirdest performance artists of all time, dropping money anytime he puts his name on something.

Need proof? I had a membership to TIDAL for a month and a half earlier this year when Life of Pablo dropped.

The latest Yeezy brand money-suck comes in the form of his super limited Yeezy BOOST 750 "chocolate" shoes.

Think Uggs, but if Neil Armstrong designed a pair using the fur of a squirrel.

The idea behind the prank is pretty simple. Jimmy bought some random boots and glued a compass to the front of them. He then hit the streets to find some Kanye fans and told them they were holding authentic Yeezys.

Their reactions show that Ye fans will follow Yeezus off the golden gate bridge if he wrote a song saying his most authentic fans would jump.

"My beef with Taylor thawing like it's outta the fridge/All my true fans jump off the Golden Gate Bridge"

Whatever, you get the point. I'm a mediocre rapper at best.

TL;DR: If Kanye's people want to send me some Yeezy product samples, I would be totally OK with it.