Justin Timberlake And Hillary Clinton Had A BFF Moment

by Robert Anthony

When Hillary Clinton makes a trip to Los Angeles, the star-studded city's A-listers come out to welcome her with open arms and wallets.

That's exactly what went down when the Democratic presidential candidate attended a celebrity-filled fundraiser lunch at Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel's house in LA on Tuesday.

After Hillary touched down in Santa Ana, she made her way to the couple's home where photo booths (we'll get to that later) and delicious refreshments were waiting for her.


The lunch, which was priced at a cool $33,400 per ticket, was crawling with celebs like Tobey Maguire, Jennifer Aniston and Jamie Foxx.

Since reporters weren't able to access the multi-million dollar fundraiser lunch at Justin and Jessica's house, the only way to really gauge how much fun Hillary had was to stalk Jessica Biel's Instagram account.

No, seriously, have you NOT seen the glorious BFF moment Hillary Clinton shared with the power couple?!

Out of all three people in these wacky photos, I don't know who to be more envious of. These are MAJOR, MAJOR, MAJOR friend goals right here.

According to Daily Mail, about 100 people attended the event. The report also states that Leonardo DiCaprio was originally supposed to host the fundraiser lunch but couldn't because of a few hard deadlines in his jam-packed, superstar actor schedule.

Leonardo DiCaprio is busy crafting a special documentary on climate change for the Toronto Film Festival.

The documentary reportedly features interviews from big-name Democrats like Bill Clinton, Secretary of State John Kerry, and even President Obama. It's safe to say he's supporting the cause in other ways.

Justin reposted Jessica Biel's photo booth awesomeness with a pro-Hillary caption of his own, saying,

Look WHO DID come over for lunch... Wow. #ImWithHer

No sweat, Leo. It looks like JT and Jessica made up for any of the fun that you missed out on anyway!

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