Justin Theroux’s Quote About Jennifer Aniston Will Make You Want To Date The Funny Girl

by Katie Corvino
GABRIEL BOUYS / Getty Images

I'd like to start this off by letting everyone know I'm single. MMHMM, yo' girl is on the market. Shocking, I know, but I want to be honest with you before talking about Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston's romance. You see, Theroux and Aniston are the most perfect pair in existence, but that's because I haven't found my soulmate yet. Hehehehe, JOKES. This isn't about me, it's about J-squared. The 46-year-old actor said the SWEETEST thing about his wife and it'll make you throw up and cry yourself to sleep tonight. Most of all, Justin Theroux's quote about Jennifer Aniston will make you want to date the funny girl. That's right! HERE'S WHY.

Theroux sat down for an interview with Mr. Porter's The Journal and basically told the world why he's in love with Jennifer Aniston (lol, like we need a reason). He then explained how their marriage is based on "comedy one-upmanship" and the role humor plays in their relationship:

Why would a man be intimidated by a funny woman? In a perfect world, a relationship is two people laughing together.


The actor also said he loves Aniston so much because she'll call him out whenever he makes a sh*tty joke:

When it's not funny, she calls me out. She says, 'That's not funny.'

Can you guys be my parents?

Theroux elaborated on Aniston's sense of humor, saying,

Of course she would allow a fart joke, but I think she actually has a more refined sense of humor. I think she's funnier than that.

I'm serious, you guys, the three of us would make a beautiful family. Theroux ended the interview on a sweet note, praising Jennifer Aniston for how she handles the spotlight and drama that comes with being a Hollywood celebrity:

Occasionally you'll get whacked by something. It's definitely something you have to analyze and come to terms with. Which I think [my wife] has done very elegantly and pretty effortlessly…. I think I came into our relationship the same person as I am now.

Aniston's got jokes AND knows how to handle the publicity. Girl's a queen and I'm loving it.

Theroux, thanks for sharing your wisdom with the world. Hopefully someone will read your quotes, realize I'm everything they've ever wanted in life, and date/marry/buy expensive stuff for me soon.