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Who Is Justin Bieber's Pastor? Carl Lentz Is Hot, Fans Say


Justin Bieber is right in the middle of a whirlwind of questions, drama, and life changes. Like, way more than usual. Canceling the remainder of his tour has fans seriously concerned, and Bieber personally hasn't given a lot of answers. However, there is one giant silver lining for fans — Justin Bieber's hot pastor, Carl Lentz. When things first started popping up about this guy, I was a bit confused. Then, I saw his picture. The founder of Hillsong Church is quickly becoming Bieber's closest confidant and a social media sensation.

The New Jersey based pastor is 32 years old. Lentz and Bieber have actually been close for a few years. According to Us Weekly, Lentz did an interview with the New York Post back in November 2014 where he talked about their close friendship.

Recently, their relationship made headlines after Bieber canceled the tail-end of his Purpose World Tour to do some "soul searching." Twitter started going wild when pictures of the shirtless Pastor started circulating around. This dude is ripped.

Fun fact: His cover photo on Twitter is a photo of Lentz and Oprah. OPRAH, people. Also, he's good friends with Hailey Baldwin.

According to Lentz's profile, he is married with three kids who are pretty darn cute. Sigh.

Justin Bieber has had a lot going on lately. When Biebs canceled the end of his tour out of the blue on July 24, fans were upset. Bieber's tour manager, Scooter Braun, apologized to fans in an Instagram post that read,

While that doesn't exactly explain why Bieber had to cancel his tour, it was his personal choice. Bieber is so into his fans and hates disappointing them. I don't think the singer would cancel tour dates unless it was necessary.

Lentz has been Bieber's friend for quite sometime. In his 2014 interview with the New York Post, he recalled first meeting Bieber in 2008. At the time, the singer was just 14 years old. Lentz said,

Lentz went on to say that he wanted Bieber to think of his life as "a blessing, not a burden." Apparently, Lentz has a big impact on Bieber, because these two have stayed close friends for years. These two are bromance goals on a whole new level.