This Singer Showed Up To The Grammys In A Trump Dress And Twitter Is Over It

by Anna Menta

Joy Villa showed up to the 2017 Grammy Awards in a dress that said "Trump" and "Make America Great Again," leading us all to the obvious question: ...Who?

Seriously, who is this person? According to her website, she's a "singer, actress and vegan health coach." Is that ringing any bells for anyone? Because I've got nothing.

It's unclear how she got an invite to the Grammys in the first place because she's not on the nominees list anywhere.

Nevertheless, she did apparently somehow worm her way onto the red carpet. And I'll give her this: This unknown girl knows how to make herself known.

Because here's the dress ol' what's-her-face debuted on the carpet:


Yep, that's a dress that says "Make America Great Again," aka the slogan from President Donald Trump's 2016 campaign.

And the back of her dress read "TRUMP" in sparkly letters.

She even made it super dramatic by ~revealing~ the dress from under a cape.


Girl... seriously?

She proceeded to whip off the cape with a flourish while on the carpet.


Yep. She did that, I guess? Again, to reiterate, no one knows who the hell this lady is.

All Wikipedia could tell me about Joy Villa is she has a "failing career" and this dress is a plea for "attention."


Sounds pretty accurate to me!

Unsurprisingly, Twitter had very little patience for this political stunt.

Some suspect maybe Trump paid her.

I have no doubt Trump pays more than Joy Villa has ever gotten from album sales. Because again, who?

It seems she's made a habit of wearing provocative red carpet dresses.

But even though it got her some quick attention, this one doesn't seem like the best career choice?

And apparently her stunts haven't worked in the past, because I still have no idea who she is.

I wrote this whole article about her, and I can't even remember her name now. Who?

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