John Stamos Says Women Always Ask For Selfies After Having Sex With Him

John Stamos is a good-looking Hollywood actor, so it's no surprise he's caught the fancy of women the world over.

What I'm trying to say is this: The guy has had a lot of sex.

But, Stamos revealed sometimes after doing the deed, a woman will ask him for a selfie.

I suppose that's not the craziest thing since these women clearly want to brag to their friends about their conquest. Isn't your word enough??

In addition, Stamos said one woman asked him for a shirt as a souvenir. All of this info will be included in a book with the lovely title "How to F*ck a Woman."

Stamos also gave some insight into his methods when it comes to the sexing. He wrote,

It's about listening, asking, talking... I guess I do approach sex in a musical way. With me, it's more rhythm than melody with a woman... But it's all listening... With women, you have to listen to their bodies.

Do with that information what you will.

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