John Mayer Is Looking For Love On A Dating App Just Like Us


Your body is a wonderland, I'll use my hand to swipe right...

It really wasn't that long ago that people would look at you like the sad, lonely cat lady that you are if you were on an online dating site. But it's 2016! Literally everyone uses them.

I use them almost exclusively -- I have terrible agoraphobia and cannot leave my home to meet people.

Now, John Mayer is finally swiping right in the hopes of finding love.


But he won't be on Tinder with us plebs.

He is part of a member-only, very exclusive app called Raya. It supposedly targets "creative types."

I wouldn't know because I am so far removed from anything exclusive, I am not even able to open the app's description. They already know I am not worthy.

A source described his profile, saying,

His profile is a slide show of photos set to a Neil Young song.

Of course it is.


If you're thinking of joining Raya to get some of that sweet, sweet John Mayer action, you'll have to be approved by a committee first.

Other members include Jeremy Piven, Chelsea Handler and Matthew Perry. But not me, so why even bother to join?

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