Chris Hemsworth's Abs Ruined John Krasinski's Dream Of Being Captain America

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Supposedly, Chris Hemsworth's abs are soooo rock hard they literally scared John Krasinski away from becoming Captain America.

The former Mr. Jim Halpert made a stop by "Conan" last night where he revealed at one point, he was actually up for the role of Captain America when Marvel was casting for the first movie.

The story goes he made it far enough through the selection process to actually come into the studio and try the superhero suit on -- a dream come true. But then, a certain RIPPED Aussie walked on by and ruined everything.

Krasinski told Conan,

By the way, this is that “13 Hours” body he was talking about.

Holy balls. John can Captain my America anytime he damn well pleases.

For journalistic integrity, here is a picture of Chris Hemsworth without a shirt on, and I think we all need to look at it right now. For journalistic integrity.

I'm going to be honest, I don't think I would have minded a John Krasinski Captain America. What's more American than selling paper out of Scranton???

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