Jessica Alba On Not Being 'White Enough' For Roles Earlier In Her Career


By any measure, Jessica Alba is successful.

She's appeared in dozens of movies, dozens of films and is CEO of a company that's worth dozens and dozens (and dozens) of millions of dollars.

So it appears pretty safe to say, few directors would question how fit she is to play a leading role these days. But that wasn't always the case.

While speaking about an earlier stage of her career, Alba explained to Popsugar,

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Alba's commentary is timely, given it comes during awards season. Around this time of year, the role race can play in a person's chances for success in Hollywood always because a hot topic.

The 35-year-old actress' account, which gives insight into how decision makers in show business think, is just another story that highlights why that's the case.

Alba, whose father is a Mexican descent, said,


Alba comments came during an exchange with Popsugar's "Pretty Unfiltered."

In the video, she discusses her enterprise, The Honest Company, and the beauty products she sells. Alba said,

That goes for all women, presumably, including the "exotic" ones.

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