Jennifer Lopez Watching 'Maid In Manhattan' Will Give You Hardcore Nostalgia


Regular people like us aren't the only ones who like to participate in Throwback Thursday... even though technically, it was Monday.

But unlike us normal folk, we don't just randomly see ourselves on TV like Jennifer Lopez did last night.

Late night flipping thru channels and came across this sweetness... #maidinmanhattan #memories #MarissaandTy #goodtimes #TylerPosey A video posted by Jennifer Lopez (@jlo) on Oct 24, 2016 at 10:03pm PDT

Her caption read,

Late night flipping thru channels and came across this sweetness... #maidinmanhattan #memories #MarissaandTy #goodtimes #Tylerposey

Someone should probably tell her to stop using so many hashtags though.

The actress/singer/dancer played Tyler Posey's mom in the 2002 romantic comedy, which was released 14 years ago, but both of them look better than ever.

JLo posted this selfie on Instagram, lookin' saucy as hell, just last week.

Damn, Jenny from the Block.

But why does she look better at 47 than I do at 22?

And if you don't watch "Teen Wolf," here's a reason to start. This is Tyler Posey now, ladies and gentlemen.


I'm talking about the sandwich, guys! As in, I wish I was that sandwich. Hold me please, Tyler.

And I guess JLo wasn't the only "Maid in Manhattan" star feeling nostalgic.

Tyler posted this "Teen Wolf" throwback about a week ago. (About a week ago! *Does Bobby Shmurda dance*)

My oh my, have these boys grown...

It's not like I'm staring or anything.

*Wipes off drool.*

But here I am, still waiting for my glo up. Are you there, God? It's me, Arielle.

So what's JLo doing besides watching herself on TV? (LBR, if I looked that good, the only thing I would be doing is watching myself all day).

She stars in not one, but two NBC shows: "Shades of Blue" and "World of Dance." And she has her own Las Vegas Show called "All I Have".

If her performance is anything like this, I'm down to make the trip.

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