Jennifer Aniston Made Her First Outing Since Brangelina Split

It has been 12 years since Brad Pitt divorced Jennifer Aniston to date Angelina Jolie, yet with recent news of the Brangelina split, the "Friends" star is thrown back into the Hollywood drama.

Just let a girl live!

Since their very public relationship came to such an abrupt halt, many fans are wondering what Aniston is thinking of the whole issue.


Probably not much, to be honest... She is remarried herself.

But fans are still wondering, and despite not being part of this relationship or it's demise at all, the media is swarming around Aniston just hoping to get a glimpse of what she thinks.

Her husband, Justin Theroux, will be promoting "The Girl on the Train" in NYC. Naturally, Aniston flew out with him, probably to get away from the bloodthirsty paparazzi of LA.

She was spotted for the first time since the announcement that Angelina Jolie was filing for divorce from Brad Pitt.

She looks... overwhelmed, as one could imagine.

Like, I haven't dated my high school boyfriend in nearly 10 years. No one is coming up to me and asking me how I feel when he breaks up with his latest girlfriend?

While wearing a wide brimmed hat, she smiled politely for photographers but her face seemed to say, "I am... so uncomfortable right now, please leave me alone."

Aniston has yet to make a comment about the breakup, because why the fuck should she?

Should she make an announcement it will probably be a statement along the lines of "I'm sorry to hear that, I hope they can figure out the family situation in a way that works for everyone."

Call me when the big plot twist comes... like, if Aniston and Jolie announce that they're getting married.

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