James Corden And Jessica Biel Slay Their Soap Opera By Using Only Kanye West Lyrics

by Eitan Levine

"This week on a very special 'The Bold And The Lyrical'..."

Kanye West is arguably the best lyricist currently working in the music industry.

Say what you want about the absurdly controversial artist, but the tracks and messages that come out of his mouth are operating on a level nobody else is even remotely close to touching.

Granted, he sometimes says things like "in a French-ass restaurant. Hurry up with my damn croissants" in his songs, so at times it can be a bit of a mixed bag.

But most of the time, he says things on his albums that are remarkably heavy, come from a dark place and could potentially be interpreted as a cry for help.


It's that lyrical mastery that led James Corden and his staff to ask how far they could possibly push the words from his songs.

Could they work in other platforms? Could they be transformed into a narrative?

After watching the video above the answer is a resounding, "Kinda, yeah!"

While the dialogue, which is comprised almost completely out of Kanye West lyrics, is a little stilted and Giovanni Ribisi is someone who I refuse to take seriously, the soap opera definitely works.

There is a clear storyline and James Corden's character's arch made me want to stand and applaud when he found his courage in the third act.

So what's next? What else could Kanye's lyrics be transformed into?

My answer: Hallmark Greeting Cards.


Imagine this scenario: You're super sick. You're feeling sad you're missing out on the wide world happening outside, especially because it's your girlfriend's sister's wedding today. She dumps you and you spend the next month not going outside, surviving on Cheetos and "SVU" marathons (the ones on TV because your ex changed her Netflix password. So now you're depressed AND you have to watch commercials).

But then, your friend comes over and gives you a card with a picture of a cute cat with a bucket on its head on the front with a caption that says, "Now if I fuck this model / and she just bleached her asshole / and I get bleach on my T-shirt / Ima feel like an asshole." on the inside.

That'd make you feel a little better, right? Nope? Just me then? OK.

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