James Corden Says He Was Discriminated For His Looks


James Corden is opening up about something you don't often hear the men of Hollywood talk about: fat-phobia.

If you're not familiar with the term, it basically just means the cruelty and discrimination that people above a certain jean size face every day.

Fat-phobia particularly affects women, because of how much value society places on the female body and its appearance.

Ask any woman in Hollywood — or look at any woman in Hollywood – it's obvious how much pressure actresses feel to be skinny.

But James Corden has an important reminder for us in his recent interview with Esquire: Men are affected by fat-phobia, too, especially in Hollywood.

In the interview, the 38-year-old host of "The Late Late Show" walks through his career, and recalls some frustrations along the way — like the limited choices of roles he was offered as an actor.

After Corden appeared in the wildly successful stage show "The History Boys" — in the West End, on Broadway and in the film adaptation — he noticed his cast mates getting amazing opportunities, while he was... not.

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He said,

Obviously, things worked out OK for Corden in the end, fame-wise.

But it's an important reminder of some issues Hollywood (and society) still needs to work on — like treating fat people like normal human beings.

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