Justin Bieber Skips Out On The 2017 Billboard Music Awards

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Well, kids, if you were wondering whether or not Justin Bieber was actually going to show up to the 2017 Billboard Music Awards, then wonder no longer.

It looks like the Biebs is not, in fact, making an appearance at this year's awards. JUSTIN, COME ON. First, the Grammys, and now this??

Sorry, Bieber fans, but after Justin was spotted in New York City earlier Sunday afternoon, it's unlikely he'll be popping over to Las Vegas for the awards tonight.

Perhaps knowing his ex Selena Gomez and her boyfriend The Weeknd are both allegedly attending, that they would probably be all lovey-dovey together in front of his face, AND the fact that he and The Weeknd are both up for the Top Artist award and the Top Male Artist award fazed Justin just a tad.

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Bieber was nominated for a number of other awards at this year's ceremony as well, including Top Radio Songs Artist, Top Social Artist, and Top Touring Artist. Though, he unfortunately didn't win Top Radio Songs Artist or Top Touring Artist.

But in terms of the other awards, this is the Biebs' year, you guys. I CAN FEEL IT IN MY BOOBS.

Justin's lack of appearance at the BBMAs is a little reminiscent of the 2017 Grammy Awards, where Bieber decided to skip out, despite being nominated for a number of awards for his album Purpose.

TMZ reported they were told Justin allegedly skipped out on the Grammys because "he just doesn't think the Grammys are relevant or representative, especially when it comes to young singers." Though, Justin never commented on his actual reasons for not attending.

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Regardless, Justin clearly has other plans in New York tonight, you guys. Maybe he's partying on a rooftop somewhere. Maybe he's snuggled up under a blanket, missing his alleged ex-girlfriend Sofia Richie.

Or maybe he's doing exactly what the rest of us are doing: sitting on our couches, stuffing three pieces of pizza into our faces at a time, watching the awards, and wondering, "Why the hell is that person wearing that?"

Well, I guess we may not see any Bieber-related drama unfolding tonight. In the meantime, keep doing you, Justin. Not that you would do anything other than that.