Here's What Young Snape From 'Harry Potter' Looks Like Today

by Hope Schreiber
Warner Bros.

You remember that kid? That sad little Severus Snape from "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows -- Part 2" who was just a little heartbreak of a child?

Seriously, he was like 9 years old and so neglected. This is not an excuse to be rude as heck to Harry Potter, just because he loved his mom and hated his dad, but still -- heartbreaking.

Benedict Clarke, the actor who portrayed the young Potions professor, is now 19. And like most people, he has grown up. (Unless you're Benjamin Button, of course.)

Here's what the chap looks like now.


What?! Time is so scary you guys.

While little Benedict as Snape was nervous, shy and maybe a little bit of an awkward duck, it looks like he's grown into quite the confident and outgoing person!

Here he is with a horse in America.


According to Entertainment Weekly, Benedict has only appeared in three other short films.

Judging on his Instagram, it might be that photography is his real passion.


With friends like these, who needs breweries?


Yes, he sure has come a long way from looking like this...

Warner Bros

Making the face that my friend and colleague Eitan Levine dubbed "MFW all the pizza is gone on free pizza day."

Personally? I think the look is a little Tim Burton-esque.

Now, his looks are BA-BAM.


Would Lily Evans Potter have changed her tune way back at Hogwarts if she knew that Snape was going to grow up to...



He also has impeccable taste in ties.


Well, I never thought I would say it folks, but Snape got hot. Who knew? Maybe it was all those love potions he was brewing. Maybe it's the fact that he didn't rock a haircut like the one adult Snape had in the movies.

If only puberty was as kind to me.

How long will we be looking at Benedict Clarke's Instagram pictures? The answer should be obvious, right you guys?

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