You Can Look Like Hailey Baldwin With This Easy Tutorial

Teen Vogue on YouTube

Hey, there! So I hear you want to look like Hailey Baldwin?

Honey, who doesn't? Don't get me started.

Lucky for you, I've got the hot tips and tricks in a step-by-step guide to help you look just like the model.

Step one: Be Hailey Baldwin.

Step two: Don't not be Hailey Baldwin.

Nailed it.

What do you mean that wasn't helpful? Fine... let's see if I try to help you out again.

Hey, "Quick & Pretty" features one half of my nickname in high school! (Hint: It wasn't the "pretty" half! Shh...)

On a serious note, let's actually discuss Hailey Baldwin's flawless look.

The girl just glows so much, I low-key believe she is a fairy, but so far no one has jumped on that conspiracy theory (yet).

Makeup artist Robert Sesnek and Baldwin invited Teen Vogue along with them to get ready for Dior's The Art of Color event in New York City.

The two had been up since 6 am. Robert said,

It was a time factor. I wanted to make it look interesting and still pop, so we focused on pumping up the eye and giving her a strong lip.

Personally? I'm all about that beauty rest, which is why I show up to every event looking like this:

Robert offers a few key points for a successful look, which include taupe shade to define her eye crease and a champagne color over her lid for more dimension.

He used a light black liner at her lashes, but not too smoky. He doesn't even add blush. He said,

Sometimes blush plus a strong lip and smoky eye can be too dated.

Sorry, what's up?

Robert went on to talk about the importance of well-placed highlights,

When you highlight, don't do it everywhere. It's very strategic.

To make her daytime look ready for nighttime, Robert just brushes up Hailey's eyebrows, applies mascara and uses purple lipstick for her mouth.

Easy enough, right?

OK, I think I may have missed a step. Can we start over?

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