Hailey Baldwin Gets Subtle New Tattoos With Big Meaning


Being famous is great — if only for the freedom it allows you to ink yourself up with teeny tiny tattoos you can remove as soon as time turns them into a series of indiscernible skid marks across your body.

Hailey Baldwin — who has already allowed Kendall Jenner to design a few of her itty bitty ink blots — headed back to celebrity tattoo artists JonBoy to add a couple selections of her own.

One new addition reads, “coeur d'alene.”

“Coeur” is French for heart and Alene is not-so-coincidentally the middle name of Hailey's sister, Alaia.

Next, Hails opted for a teensy cross on her neck.

For when you believe in Jesus, but only jus' a leeeeeeettle bit.

According to Teen Vogue, the model is a regular at New York's Hillsong Church and maintains a close relationship with God.

She told the site,

As long as she has God on her mind, a Hillsong in her heart and a cross on her neck, the daughter of Stephen Baldwin is not about to let Hollywood distract her from what's important.

She added,

We all have to keep our phenomenal asses grounded somehow.

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