Here's What Dorota From 'Gossip Girl' Looks Like Today

by Alexa Mellardo
Warner Bros.

I recently started re-watching “Gossip Girl,” and let me tell you, it's still just as epic as it was when we binge-watched it as tweens.

We grew up seeing the lives of "Manhattan's elite" through our TV screens.

Leave it to Serena van der Woodsen and on-again, off-again bestie Blair Waldorf to give us MAJOR style inspo while delivering the constant drama and scheming we couldn't get enough of.

#TBT to our love-hate relationship with Chuck Bass, or as my friends and I liked to call him, Chuck Bastard.

And who could forget sexy hunk Nate Archibald who made us all totally swoon?

One of my absolute favorites on the show was Dorota, The Waldorf household's spunky maid.

No joke, Dorota was my main GIRL. I could always count on her timeless advice and low-key hilarious personality.

Since her days on “Gossip Girl,” Dorota has changed a lot.

This is how we remember her as Blair's partner in crime.

Here's what Dorota, AKA actress Zuzanna Szadkowski, looks like today.

She's constantly surrounded by friends…

…And blows up her Instagram with major puppy-loving vibes.

AW, how cute is this duo though?!

She knows how to celebrate St. Paddy's Day the right way with her pooch.

Move over, Blair Waldorf. Can we just talk about how Dorota's slaying that flower hair like a fashionista BOSS?

Rad drinks are always making an appearance on her Instagram.

Really though, I think we all need to be chilling with Dorota.

You know you love me.

XOXO, Gossip Girl.