Gigi Hadid Had A Wardrobe Malfunction During VS Fashion Show, Slayed It Anyway

by Hope Schreiber

Everyone experiences wardrobe malfunctions at least once in their life.

Personally, I was playing basketball and jokingly performed a "cheerleader" jump and ripped my pants right down the middle. Luckily, my 6'5" guy friend had spare jeans in his car. Unluckily, I am 5'2", but still looked adorable.

So I guess Gigi Hadid and I have one thing in common: We weren't that embarrassed when our wardrobe malfunction happened.

Hadid was walking one of the biggest runways of her career, the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, absolutely rocking a black lace bra and underwear set when the malfunction occurred.


She's already walking down a runway in her underwear -- it's not really possible for Gigi Hadid to be embarrassed by a wardrobe malfunction, right?

Then, the unexpected happened...

A strap of her corset SNAPPED OFF under her left underwire.



Oh, that's it? A little strap fell off?

This is certainly not as shocking as Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction. (I still can't believe the first boob I saw besides my own turned out to be Janet Jackson's.)

Not surprisingly, Gigi Hadid was not phased by this teeny-tiny faux pas (plus, she's not showing anymore skin and it isn't her fault, so no stress right?).

The supermodel continued her walk down the runway, and even winked at the end.

Not many can be that confident knowing that their outfit just fell apart, but then again, not everyone is Gigi Hadid.

So here's a tip from me and an Angel to you: If you fear that you might experience a wardrobe malfunction at anytime, just always wear large angel wings to distract the eyes from your unsightly fashion mistake.

I strapped on a pair of these 30-pound wings years ago, and I only notice it when I think of how much pain I am in and every time I try to get onto a tightly packed subway car.

That's a small price to pay!

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