Gigi Hadid Couldn't Stop Crying Over Bella Hadid

Someone get Gigi Hadid a tall stack o' Kleenex! Homegirl is BAWLIN'.

Last week, Bella and Gigi Hadid made history as the first sister combo to walk at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. I don't know what deal Yolanda made with the devil to make her womb a cocoon for marketable, hot offspring, but thank God she made it.


If you think the Hadids have become jaded after all of their success in the industry, guess again. In an interview during the aired fashion show, Gigi was barely able to hold it together when gushing about her younger sister's inaugural walk down the VS stage.

Through occasional happy tears, she told reporters,

I have watched the show every single year as a kid, so last year was so special to be able to do it. This year, joining me is my little sister!...I'm going to cry, sorry, I am so proud of [Bella] for getting this show because she worked so hard. [And] for us to be able to do it together, and be the first sisters in the show, we're really, really honored.

Gigi went on to say,

It's amazing to be able to experience all this and to be so excited for each other. She's my best friend and it's so crazy to be here together.

So how did Bella do during?

She absolutely killed it and did it INCHES away from her ex-boyfriend's face. Are there awards for this kinda thing? Because this shot of her blowing passed The Weeknd should be on billboards across the world.


You will never see someone take the high ground better than Bella's awkward onstage encounter with the Starboy.

Claudia HQ on YouTube

Yolanda was feeling the love at the VS event as much as Gigi was, admitting to reporters that just driving up to the venue got her all emotional.

Now we know where Gigi gets it from.

God bless the Hadid family DNA.

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