George Clooney Will Fine You $600 If You Bother Him And Amal In Lake Como

Damn, it must be great to be George Clooney. He's a big-time movie star and director. He has a beautiful new wife, Amal, and he owns a couple of gorgeous villas in Lake Como, Italy.

It's so good to be Clooney, in fact, the mayor of the Italian town in which Clooney vacations has issued an ordinance to protect the high-profile couple's privacy.

If anyone is caught bothering Clooney, Amal or his guests or is spotted on his property, they could receive a fine of 500 Euros, which is approximately $600.

Clooney bought his property in Lake Como back in 2001 and usually spends the summer months at his palatial estate. The villas are so magnificent, some scenes from "Ocean's Twelve" were shot there.

So, if you happen to be in the area this summer, don't mess with Clooney or Amal. It could cost you.

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