Emma Watson Thanked Steve Carell For Openly Supporting Gender Equality

Emma Watson has been leading the charge on the gender equality front for a long time now.

In the past year, she made speeches at the UN on the subject and fought vigorously to promote her #HeForShe campaign, which had male celebrities standing up for the rights of women.

At last night's Oscars, the campaign took a major step forward as Steve Carell championed the cause on the world's stage.

Carell, who was nominated for an Oscar, wore #HeForShe cufflinks to show his support for the cause.

Watson was so taken by Carell's gesture, she Instagrammed a photo of the cufflinks and wrote Carell a handwritten letter.

The letter praises Carell's work as an actor and thanks him for his dedication to the cause of gender equality.

Isn't it great when celebrities act like decent human beings?

Here are the cufflinks:

Here is the letter:

@SteveCarell #HeForShe @MONIQUEPEAN #OscarsCufflinks pic.twitter.com/W5TcnteQwK — Emma Watson (@EmWatson) February 22, 2015

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