Here's How Long Emma Watson's Iconic 'Beauty And The Beast' Dress Took To Make

by Taylor Ortega

Plenty of us have never attempted to make our own clothes.

Shout out to capitalism. Shout out to privilege. Shout out to Forever 21.

Were any of us to attempt the feat of, say, stitching our own dress, the process could take weeks. I honestly have no clue. I once cut the crotch out of a bathing suit and hemmed it into a shirt, but my expertise ends there.

Here's hoping Emma Watson's gown from the live-action “Beauty and the Beast” remake didn't take the standard amount of time to create, especially considering it was a 12,000-hour endeavor.

Twelve-thousand hours. That's 500 days. That's over 16 months. That's 545 episodes of “Friends.” That is the full 10 seasons of “Friends” doubled, plus 28 extra episodes of Joey eating meatball parm sandwiches in exotic locations.

Emma gets it. That girl loves numbers. Like, did you know that “Beauty and the Beast” isn't just one movie? According to Emma, it's four whole movies.

No, no. There aren't three sequels. It's one movie that is also four mov— you know what? I'll just let Emma explain.

She told ET,

'Beauty and the Beast,' really, if you think about it, is like four movies in one. It's an action movie. It's also a comedy. Then, on the other hand, it's a romance. And then it's a musical.

Um, yeah. Welcome to Disney. That big-headed mouse has been bending genres for decades.

“Aladdin,” “Pocahontas,” “Mulan” and every other Disney cartoon is a goddamn priceless musical romp that will bring you to tears with laughter and set your heart beating out of your chest as you wonder if it's normal to feel a soft sexual attraction to a cartoon street thief in a fez (verdict: it is).

How about we stick to thrift stores and sweaters we pull out of the lost and found, leaving the gown making to someone with 12,000 God-forsaken hours to spare? Cool? Great.

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