Eminem Once Wrote To Tupac's Mom And Drew A Picture Of Her Late Son (Photos)


As it turns out, Eminem is a surprisingly thoughtful guy.

A handwritten letter and a portrait of Tupac, both crafted by Eminem and sent to Afeni Shakur, recently made their way to the Internet.

In the letter, Marshall thanks Afeni for all of the work she and her son did, talks about how much Tupac inspired him early on and says he considers Afeni a “true Queen” in “every sense of the word.”

He also briefly apologizes for the "sloppy" drawing he sent with the letter, despite the fact that it is an incredibly impressive portrait of the deceased rapper.

The letter was posted to Reddit and was confirmed by Shady Records to be authentic.

Here is what the entire letter says:

It isn't known when Eminem penned the letter or the drawing, but both are currently in the Tupac Amaru Shakur Center for the Arts in Stone Mountain, Georgia.

Complex magazine confirmed the drawing itself is also authentic, and it was sent with the letter to Afeni.

A photo of the drawing was included in the 2007 book "Tupac Remembered."

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