Ed Sheeran Dropped A New Song For His B-Day And It's So Emotional, You'll Cry


It's Ed Sheeran's birthday, and apparently, he wants us to cry uncontrollably in celebration of his big day.


The singer-songwriter released a new song when he rang in his 26th year, and it's guaranteed to make you sob... especially if you're in love.

Braces yourselves if you're in a relationship because Ed's about to take your romance to the next level.

His new tune is called "How Would You Feel (Paean)," and it's basically the anthem for every hopeless romantic who's planning on telling the love of their life how they truly feel about 'em.

So, if you're on the hunt for a tear-jerker wedding anthem or are planning to hold a radio up to you girlfriend's window with hopes of wooing her over, download Ed's new single.

To be honest, this song is making me super curious who Ed Sheeran's been pining over these days.

By the sound of it, he's "deeply in love" with somebody. Whoever his secret lover is, they're pretty damn lucky to have this kind of song written about them.

Check out the lyrics for the chorus and try not to sob:

How would you feel If I told you I loved you It's just something that I want to do I'll be taking my time Spending my life Falling deeper in love with you So tell me that you love me too


Don't even get me started on the verses because they're even cuter than the chorus.

His lyrics paint a perfect picture of a young couple falling deeply in love with one another, "stealing kisses" and sitting on a roof watching the sunrise -- aka, the romance we've all dreamt about as kids.

In addition to the song, Ed also released a video of him and a piano player performing the new tune live in a quaint living room. He's really tugging at all of our heartstrings with this one.

Ed, will you date us? Because I'm not sure there's another hopeless romantic out there like you.