Mia Khalifa Hints That Drake Shamelessly Tried To Hit On Her

by Adam Pliskin

Mia Khalifa is the hot, new pornstar on the scene, and it's not just the regular Joes watching copious amounts of porn who have taken notice. Big time celebrities have as well.

Khalifa was interviewed on the radio for CBS Miami 560 WAM and asked if any famous people had tried to contact her.

At first, Khalifa was hesitant to reveal the names of any celebrity suitors of hers. Eventually, she caved.

She told the interviewer the person who hit her up had a name rhyming with "Rake." So, while it's not 100 percent certain Drake was the culprit, it's pretty damn close.

But, Khalifa was not into Drake sliding into her Instagram DMs. She said,

It was flattering, but his intentions were clear. The whole thing was cringeworthy.

Sorry, Drake. I guess you're in the same boat as the rest of us normal folk. Listen to Khalifa's interview up top.

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