Drake Savagely Called Out Meek Mill At His Concert…Again

by Anna Menta

Sorry, Meek Mill, it looks like Drake is pulling a "Titanic" and never letting go.

Continuing a feud that started over a year ago now, Drake went ahead and took the liberty of insulting Meek in his hometown on Sunday night.

Drake stopped by Philadelphia as part of his Summer Sixteen Tour with Future, and of course he had to perform his famous Meek diss track, "Back to Back."

He even added a line to the song, to clear up he was not afraid to crap on Meek when he was only a few miles away.

Here's more video of Drake popping off on Meek Mill in Philly while performing "Back To Back." The disrespect! pic.twitter.com/n8r1kWSdkN — Hardys Closet® (@HardysCloset) August 22, 2016

He said,

I even did this shit in Philly, man, I never run.

At the end of the song, Drake also took the opportunity to send a very special message to both Meek and Philly.

He said to the crowd,

Just remember, when you watch that video over and over tonight, it's not about your city, I love your city. You did that shit to your motherfuckin' self, boy.

So don't worry, Philly, it's not you! It's Meek. It's always Meek. Meek, Meek, Meek.

Am I the only one who thinks Drake is low-key in love with Meek Mill or... ?

Drake had already taken a shot at his rival earlier in the night, when he added a line to his song "Still Here."

He said,

You not really from Philly and they can tell.

So yep, it looks like that drama isn't over and probably never will be. At least Twitter is entertained.

@Drake the type of person to block you then make a status about you fuck that sucka @MeekMill — danny glover (@tweet_deez2) August 22, 2016

Your move, Meek.