Wait, Drake's Dad Is Releasing His Own Album? But Is Drizzy Embarrassed By Him?


Personally, I loved "Views From The 6," but what about "Views From The 60s?"

Drake's father Dennis Graham, a man in his 60s with a mustache so large he makes Nigel Thornberry look like he has alopecia, is about to follow in his son's footsteps.

Maybe not the exact footsteps from "Hotline Bling." I think we can all agree, in hindsight, that the choreography is hard to pull off for us plebs.

But I digress. Champagne Papi's papa is releasing his own album, and we should all be freaking out. In the wise words of Bruno Mars, "Don't believe me? Just watch!"

The above is a snippet of a music video from a song that will reportedly be on the album.

There's fog. There's a chair that looks like the titular silver one from the C.S. Lewis novel.

C.S. Lewis

Heck, this music video has a cameo from f*cking Lumiere!


An entire R&B album of Dennis' sultry crooning? Be our guest!

But wait, how does Drake feel about his dad breaking into the family business?

While he's yet to officially comment, Drake reportedly approves.

Maybe Dennis will be featured on a Drake song? Maybe Drake will grow his dad's Teddy Roosevelt-esque mustache? Who can tell?!

This development comes on the heels of an Instagram post Drake released, in which he jokingly chastised his dad for embarrassing him while Drizzy and his friend Lorenzo Cromwell were out getting turnt.


While Drake pleads to his father to leave, he's clearly just joking. You can tell because Dennis doesn't respond, "just hold on, I'm going home!"

Overall, it's pretty clear that Drake and his dad are the same person.

I'm not saying that Drake's dad is actually Drake from the future in a "Looper" like situation, but I'm also not NOT saying that either.

Wild conspiracy theories aside, I wish you the best of luck with your musical endeavors, Dennis!


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