Derek Jeter Just Pulled A Leo DiCaprio And Partied With 30 Women

Derek Jeter has always been a lady killer, but he's taking it to new levels now that he's retired. In the process, he's giving the "Wolf of Wall Street" a run for his money. Watch your back Leo, you've got competition.

On Sunday, Jeter was seen at a private party with 30 gorgeous women, all most likely models. He also reportedly ordered up to $5,000 worth of tequila throughout the night.

None of this should come as a surprise. As one of the most prolific hitters in Yankees history, Jeter has always been about the numbers.

Yet, some people were surprised about the fact Hannah Davis wasn't in attendance at this private bash.

Davis, a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, has been dating Jeter for the past two years.

One eyewitness stated,

Derek had a really great time partying with his guests... He was relaxed, happy and in a great mood. He mingled with the girls and was on the dance floor. He didn’t seem to be with one particular girl, he was definitely having fun.

It's safe to say Jeter is enjoying retirement, but he might not have a girlfriend for much longer.

Given his history with women, however, Jeter probably isn't all that concerned.

After all, how many people can say they've dated both a Victoria’s Secret angel and a Miss Universe? Not to mention Jessica Alba and Jessica Biel?

Jeter might be done hitting home runs on the field, but it seems his career off of it is just about to take off.