Demi Lovato Pulls Off Hilarious Prank As A Fake Lyft Driver

Demi Lovato surprised a bunch of Lyft riders in Denver because the concept of sunglasses and an army camo hat apparently never made its way up to the Mile High City.

The “Body Say” singer was making a tour stop in Denver when she decided to accept a few branded content bucks and drive around some Lyft users.

The idea behind the gimmick was to get them to openly talk about Demi, potentially revealing their controversial opinions about her music and general brand. Also, there is a lot of Jonas Brothers talk, and she admits Selena Gomez has a better voice than she does.

I have three main questions about this prank.

1) This is like super petty, right? Like Demi is literally asking her passengers what they think about her. That's like high school, “Mean Girls”-caliber stuff.

2) How does NOBODY recognize Demi? She's literally dressed the way she's always dressed. She even sings that “Camp Rock” song at one point and, also, ONLY TALKS ABOUT HERSELF.

3) Do I have to worry about this now? Like, do I have to not dump on celebs when I'm in taxis because that celeb may be sitting behind the wheel?

I say some BITCHY stuff when I'm Ubering and I don't want Chloë Grace Moretz to quit the industry because her publicist thought it'd be a good idea for her to give a ride to someone (me) with the most unchained opinions on her new haircut. (I have the most unchained opinions on her new haircut.)