People Are Pissed At David Beckham Over This FB Post About Visiting 'China'


David Beckham is famous for being hot, marrying Posh Spice and not rocking the boat by having a controversial opinion on anything.

It's a formula that's worked for him for years, but a bunch of his Facebook followers turned on him this week after he posted a video of his weekend trip to Hong Kong.

Beckham probably thought he was just sharing some harmless, pleasant content when he posted a silent video of some of the scenery in Hong Kong on Saturday, but all hell broke lose when he captioned the clip, "Great 48 hours in China."

Commenters immediately began correcting Beckham, pointing out that the video actually shows footage of Hong Kong, which many argue is completely different from China.

Although for most official purposes, Hong Kong is considered a part of China, pretty much nobody who actually lives there sees the province as Chinese. It was a colony of the United Kingdom up until just 20 years ago, and now Hong Kong operates as an autonomous territory with its own currency, legal system and culture distinct from China.


Soon after he noticed the backlash, Beckham edited his post to replace "China" with "Shanghai and Hong Kong," in hopes of appeasing the commenters.


But it was too late for David to salvage the situation. Either way now, he started inciting angry commenters.

After editing the post to say "Hong Kong," people started chastising Beckham for implying that Hong Kong is not a part of China.


Basically, David Beckham has finally landed himself in a hole he can't dig himself out of with this one. Clearly, Beckham has no clue about the actual history of Hong Kong or how it relates to the Chinese mainland at all, and was just absent-mindedly trying to post his little video.

The irony is that Beckham learned so much more about Hong Kong after posting a video on Facebook than he did spending two days actually visiting the territory.