Cindy Crawford's Un-Photoshopped Image Is Bold And Beautiful (Photo)

by Gillian Fuller
Marie Claire

Cindy Crawford just confirmed her status as the most badass supermodel ever.

Earlier today, magazine Marie Claire's New Zealand site posted an unretouched photo of the lingerie-clad 48-year-old — and she's just as gorgeous as ever.

Though Marie Claire New Zealand originally claimed the photo was one from a series set to appear in the magazine's April issue, Marie Claire US insists the unedited pic originated “from a December 2013 cover story from Marie Claire Latin America,” adding that the unretouched version seems to be a leak.

Marie Claire US described the photo as “real... honest, and... gorgeous,” and we totally agree.

In the photo, Crawford shines in all her natural beauty looking every bit the real woman: She's insanely fit, but without airbrushing; she looks normal with tan lines and cellulite. It's beautiful.

Marie Claire

In an interview with the magazine last month, Crawford admitted that she does have to work hard to maintain her figure, but thinks self-acceptance is important.

She said,

I try to be a good role model for my daughters. I'm just trying to lead by example.

Posing half naked for a photo at 48 years old? Without retouching? We'd say she's setting a great example.

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