Chrissy Teigen Went On A Twitter Quest For Bananas And The Results Were Hilarious

by Lilli Petersen
Jemal Countess/Getty Images for Tony Awards Productions

Chrissy Teigen is a Twitter savant, we all know it, whatever, so I'll never be as funny as her SO WHAT. Also, she bakes. (Which is another way that she's better than me, again, whatever.) But today, she just put the two of them together when she started what might be the world's most amazing Twitter thread. Chrissy Teigen asked for bananas on Twitter, and the responses were hilarious.

No, seriously. Somewhere around 2 p.m. ET (so 11 a.m. Los Angeles time), Chrissy sent out a call on Twitter asking if anyone could give her some bananas. Like, the actual fruit. Six of them, to be specific, and they had to be super ripe.

Why? Apparently she was making banana bread, and the bananas that she had weren't ripe enough. Which, since I don't really roll with the whole “making pastry that is actually edible” thing, I'm going to assume is something that's necessary for banana bread. Teigen, who has an actual cookbook that she makes money off of as a professional, would know.

In return, if her followers could supply the desired fruit at its maximum potential of squishy brown ripeness? She promised to send over an assistant with "a signed cookbook, John's underwear and a Becca palette."

But you had to be ready to deliver. To weed out the forgers, she demanded that everyone interested in the swap tweet her a photo of themselves holding said bananas and giving the peace sign.

Everyone wanted to give Chrissy their bananas.

Twitter was down with it.

Some folks missed the memo that the bananas had to be brown, though.

Which I get, because fully brown bananas look like giant slugs and there's a part of me that can't fathom how anyone would eat them, even if they no longer look like bananas.

But there were some serious contenders.

A few people pulled through with the bananas.

Poor Chrissy's Assistant. Driving all over LA in search of bananas. I mean... there's probably an easier way, right? Like the grocery store?

But then —

It happened. There was a match! A winner who conquered all and took home the banana prize (and a pair of John Legend's underoos). Twitter user @bymeg won the whole shebang, even while being a banana short, by the simple ruse of volunteering to meet Chrissy's assistant out and about.

Banana bread is a pretty sweet consolation prize.

And it seems it's not just empty promises, because never let it be said that Chrissy Teigen doesn't follow through. Sure enough, her assistant — revealed, adorably, to be her mom Vilailuck Teigen! — showed up for the swap armed with a cookbook, a palette, and a pair of folded (and hopefully clean?) pair of men's Calvin Kleins.

"The assistant" is apparently also very safety-minded, as evidenced by this request:

I mean, fair. My mom always warned me about taking candy/junk food from strangers and not meeting people off the internet. I guess Chrissy's mom is either cooler or more practical than mine.

And that was that.

A beautiful moment on Twitter between celeb and fan, the kind of moment that could never be replica—


Shoulda held out for those six, Chrissy. Also, your mom is totally right. What if it turned out that you ended up needing a 7th? (It worked out — he promised he had two.)

I'm really enjoying imagining the conversation around getting those bananas. "Mom, I don't have any bananas for my banana bread, can you go pick some up for me? Some guy named Jake that follows me on Twitter has them."

Well, it worked out for everyone in the end.

Chrissy got her bananas, Meg and Jake got their cookbooks, and John Legend got more space in his underwear drawer. At the end of the day, everyone went home happy.

And the rest of us? We got the gift of this amazing Twitter thread. We're all eating banana bread with you in spirit, Chrissy.


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