Chrissy Teigen Tweets About Beyoncé's Grammy Performance


The range of emotions Chrissy Teigen tweeted while watching Beyoncé at the 2017 Grammy Awards perfectly encapsulated the out-of-body experience we were all subject to for the duration of Queen Bey's performance.

She wept. I wept. You wept. To quote Kanye West/the actual Bible, "Jesus wept."

No one's eyeballs were safe.


We are all baby angels now.


Not to bring Jesus up, like, so much, but Adele resurrected us JUST. LIKE. JESUS. (ALLEGEDLY). with her tribute to George Michael.


BEY. Why do you slay us so?

Stop it.


I need you to just give us a sec.

Ah, fuck it. So what? Death by Beyoncé is easily the sweetest way to go. None of us even deserve DBB, and yet here we are, saying our final goodbyes.

During Bey's set, she told the crowd,


Chrissy is here for Bey's feminist coalition should the "Lemonade" artist ever call upon her.

The Sports Illustrated model canceled a trip to good ol' Utah to take part in January's Women's March.


Chrissy tweeted,

Bless you, Chrissy and Beyoncé. Keep us weeping, you inspirational sorceresses.

We need to feel those fat, hot tears rolling down our cheeks every time Chrissy tweets some sassy brilliance or Beyoncé rubs her bare, pregnant belly to the sound of Warsan Shire poetry.

The future present is female, jerks.