This Adorable Duet Between Chris Evans And His Brother Ends Way Too Soon (Video)

Chris Evans is best known as Captain America, but he's also a pretty talented musician.

Chris recorded a video with his brother, Scott, where they perform James Taylor's "Fire and Rain."

Chris played the piano while Scott took on the lead vocals.

Unfortunately, the brothers Evans were having such a good time, they couldn't make it through the whole song.

That's why this clip is so short.

But damn it, I wish it was longer because these guys sound great.

Predictably, people on the Twitter loved the Evans brothers' duet.

Here are some of their reactions:

chris evans can: - act - play the piano - play the guitar - sing I can: - tweet — spideypool (@HEROlCALLY) June 3, 2015
chris evans playing the piano: — ️️️ (@FELlXFELlCIS) June 3, 2015
me when watching chris evans sing — sopha (@HayIeyAtwelll) June 3, 2015
Chris evans can sing and play piano...I STILL WANT THE AVENGERS MUSICAL — merve (@merlokid) June 3, 2015
Chris Evans smirking while playing the piano and singing backup slays my whole existence — faye olsen (@evanstanss) June 3, 2015

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